J to tha M: What We’re Reading (Or Not Reading)

Talk Classics…Whatever YOUR Classics May Be

reading classicsJ: Can you believe this week?

M: More fun than we imagined, and we figured it would be a pretty good time.

J: It’s all the guests, though. I mean, we just make it all look pretty. Jasmine, Tiff, and Robert brought all the boys to the yard. We should thank everyone.

M: Heh. You just did. Really, thanks for all the reads, recs, the chatter, the support. The input from everyone. All the topics and interest. We went from classics to fanfiction, marketing, reading, reviewing.

J: So, let’s kick this week off and keep it going. Did you read anything I should be reading?

like, when I get a chance to read?

Next year…

M: I think I paid this week for all the good ones I enjoyed last week. Started a bunch, put most aside.

Oh! I did read KC Beaumont’s book that Robert reviewed. That was my one bright spot. I really liked it.

So much that I went and read the rest of her backlist. All kinds of good stuff – hot, sexy, good romance, good writing and editing.

J: yeah. I have read all of hers

M: it’s a niche market, sure, but good writing and good romance is just all good.

As far as I’m concerned, but then, you know I’m all about you like what you like, and who cares.

Like you and Holden Caulfield

J: I don’t know if it’s so much that I love him. I mean, I feel a sort of…pity for him.

I’d probably push him into oncoming traffic if I knew him

but that’s what I like so much about it. We feel so much for this character we don’t even know if we like or hate

M: As much as we joke about it, the bottom line is I think its so cool that something you read had such an effect, even all these years later.

J: I think it’s characters. It’s always the characters

J: I’m a nut for Anne of Green Gables

she’s about as far from Holden as you can get

but I love her just as much

M: I was kind of eh about Anne, to be honest

and I’ll likely be crucified for saying so, but I’m kind of the same about Jane Austen

As far as classic go, I was more Rebecca – I mean, that iconic first line still gives me shivers. And Alexandre Dumas

J: I never finished Pride and Prejudice

but I love Dumas

M: And omg, Poe. The master.

J: Poe is another we agree on

M: Just read The Raven out loud. The cadence and flow and rhythm. Nothing else like it ever.


J: Annabel Lee is my favorite, but my next is the Telltale Heart.

Cask of amontillado!

M: yes! that gave me the creepy nightmares

gah, I love Poe.

J: (even if sometimes my nightmares are like a Poe story)

M: See, now Poe puts it all together. The words, the flow, the story, the feeling and emotion, the romance.

the scary, the horror, the suspense and twisty

J: Know who else I like?


I like the creepy

M: Faulkner, Hemingway, Fitzgerald, I can take or leave them. I read them all when I was trying to be all literary and shit, when I was a young’un

I wonder if my feeling would change reading them now

J: I wasn’t crazy about them when I read them

I think I was rebelling against HAVING to read them

M: there is that. the attitude you have to read them, you have to like them, and if you don’t, you’re some sort of philistine or moron

J: even the ones I haven’t read since then, I remember them…fondly?

I don’t know if fondly is the right word, but I appreciate them more

What I appreciate about Faulkner NOW that I didn’t then is the deep southern tradition in his work

M: ohh, Tennessee Williams

J: Heh. I was HORRIFIED with Cat on a Hot Tin Roof

M: I just saw The Loss of A Teardrop Diamond one on TV

I liked, but that might have a lot to do with Chris Evans

J: Huh. I do not know that one

M: It was a forgotten or found screenplay, I think. Bryce Dallas Howard and Chris Evans starred

J: completely unfamiliar. I will look it up, though

M: I liked

J: noted.

also noted that it doesn’t necessarily mean I will like

M: no, but Chris Evans. he’s nice to look at, at least

but then I thought that about Cowboys and Aliens

J: couldn’t even get me to watch that if you taped my eyelids open

M: I figured even if it sucked, at least I could look at Daniel Craig and Harrison Ford

and it started out okay, but then, not so much.

J: yeah. no

I don’t think there’s anyone worth watching that for

If Liam was in the movie, I’d say “honey, I support you, but…”

M: But movies are just like books. It’s all about what touches you, not what you think should, or what other people tell you should. It just depends on what your mood and interest is

Sometimes I just want to be entertained, swept along in a relationship, another world, emotion

J: that’s what reading is supposed to be

M: You like what you like, and who cares. Read what you want because you enjoy it, no matter how you found it, or why you like it – just that you do.

Everyone has their thoughts and opinions, we can argue and debate, but in the end, you like what you like, and that’s what it’s all about.

J: Like how I’m all about the whiskey and you can’t set the appletinis down?

M: Mmm, appletinis…


While M goes to pour another appletini, tell us what you’ve been reading. You heard us; there’s no judgment here. 

About Jen Barry

Author of Young Adult novels. Reside in Nashville with my husband, a gorgeous Irishman. Drink too much coffee. Online way too much.

4 thoughts on “J to tha M: What We’re Reading (Or Not Reading)

  1. Sandi says:

    Poe is awesome. The Cask of Amontillado will always be pure genius. The Pit and the Pendulum creeped me out SO BADLY that I could only read it once – and I still remember it.

    Right now, I’m reading Insurgent by Veronica Roth and Outrage. The latter is non-fiction and it’s by Vincent Bugliosi about the Simpson trial back in the ’90’s.

    I’m also editing. 🙂 Cuz I love editing.

    And I love your blog. 🙂

  2. Dave says:

    Poe was probably my first favorite. I tend to go for the slightly heavy stuff: Catch-22, Ishmael, The Story of B, Letters in Cardboard Boxes, Life of Pi, etc. Sandi (above), you say you like to edit? Do you want to do some of mine? Just taking a shot.

    • Sandi says:

      Hey, Dave! The reason I enjoy editing my work is because I get to visit again with my characters in their story without having to stress over finishing said story since it’s already done. All I have to do is make it better and that’s a great joy to me.

  3. […] J to tha M: What We’re Reading (Or Not Reading). […]

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