Book Review: Collector’s Item

Guest Review by Michelle Schaffer

book review denise golinowski collector's itemCollector’s Item was an interesting read with a great story line potential. There was a great deal put into a novella. Though the book had promise, it fell a little short for me. To sum it up, I wanted more details, less story angles. The span of the story could have been expanded into a full book instead of a novella.

The book is about KT, a were-jaguar trying to find her aunt who has gone missing. KT is a part of a royal were-family who are trying to find the people behind the Collectors who view supernatural’s as game to hunt. I enjoy supernatural stories, and loved that the lead in this book was a female alpha. KT is a great lead character…strong, smart, saavy, who know’s who she is and what she wants. Where I was thrown was her were-jaguar form, Andi, and the way in which they communicate. I actually went back to read it again to understand. Once I understood, I loved it. It was different than any other supernatural story I had read.

The lead male character is Peyton. He is all male in every way…in every good way possible. Peyton is strong, sexy and domineering. He is a great match with KT, someone who can stand up to her and put in her in her place. He is an alpha-male that is looking into the Collector’s for his own personal reasons. Their were personas recognize a connection immediately, it takes KT and Peyton more time to catch on. The connection between the two is strong and intense, and I wanted more.

Where the story lost me was the missing details. Without giving any spoilers, I wanted more information about KT’s family and the Alliance. I wanted more details about her aunt, her decisions in the end. It felt like there were many parts of the story that were left vague and unclear. If you aren’t paying very close attention you will miss key parts that will require you to go back. An example of that the communication between KT and Andi. It is stated in one sentence and wasn’t clear until I read it twice. I like a story in which I am completely lost and absorbed into the story to where you don’t miss a single detail. The book gets there, just not initially. Where I think the story excelled is the connection and story between KT and Peyton and their were form connections. The scenes between the two of them had me smiling, frustrated, laughing and consumed in the book.

Overall, I liked the book. The story has great potential as well as the author. I would read more from this author when there is more time to divulge in the details of the story. This was the first book I read from Denise Golinowski. I like her writing style around characters and romance. She paints a great picture around romance, love and lust.

Book review Collector's Item

About the Book

Alpha were-jaguar, Katarina “KT” Marant is trained to protect the pride so when her aunt disappears, KT naturally takes up the hunt. Her suspicion settles on the Collectors, humans who view shapeshifters as the ultimate big game.

Peyton Allers can’t believe he’s got to blow his cover to rescue a shapeshifter “princess.” Even harder to believe is that she wants to stage her own kidnapping in order to catch the leader of the Collectors and find her aunt.

Everything goes sideways when KT is kidnapped for real and by someone she never suspected. Will Peyton find her before time runs out? Or will she become a true Collector’s Item?

About the Author

Denise Golinowski has always been a writer. A hopeful romantic, she gravitated to fantasy and romance.  Collector’s Item is her second enovella with the Wild Rose Press and is currently availableexclusively on for Kindle.  Her first enovella, The Festival of the Flowers: The Courtesan and The Scholar, is also available from The Wild Rose Press.  Denise is a PRO member of the Romance Writers of America, Virginia Romance Writers, James River Writers, Writers Endeavor, and RichWriters.  A native of Richmond, Virginia, Denise lives with her uber-supportive husband and one devoted lap kitty. She is currently working on a Contemporary Paranormal Romance involving another member of the Marant Clan—KT’s older brother, Peter Marant.  You can find her on facebook at Denise Golinowski/Author and at her blog, Golinowski’s Gambol. You can buy Collector’s Item for Kindle at Visit her blog, Golinowski’s Gambol, and visit Denise on Facebook atDenise Golinowski/Author.

About the Reviewer

Michelle is a lover of books, all shapes and sizes, but a big sucker for a great romance and the search for a new fictional boyfriend! When not taking care of three demanding persons in her home, one being the man she married and the other two co-created with her husband, she works full time in a job that pays the bills. She dreams of down time to lose herself in another book since she has more books on her TBR list than she does food in her refrigerator.

About Jen Barry

Author of Young Adult novels. Reside in Nashville with my husband, a gorgeous Irishman. Drink too much coffee. Online way too much.

2 thoughts on “Book Review: Collector’s Item

  1. Thank you for the thoughtful review, Michelle. I’m glad that you enjoyed meeting, KT, Peyton, Andi, & Max.

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