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At some point today, J to tha M will crash the Bad Girlz Write blog to talk about critique partners and how to find a good one. You’ll probably get your usual giggles, but we hope you learn a little something, too. In the spirit of blogging and sharing and hugging and all that stuff, J thought she’d share some of her favorite blogs here. Maybe you already read them; maybe you’ll discover fun new things. After you check them out, head over to Bad Girlz Write around noonish and spend some time with us there. You’ll want to browse their past blogs, too, because these girls are smart, fun, and very helpful.

So who do I read on a semi-regular basis?

Nathan Bransford – Former literary agent and author. Covers various aspects of publishing and offers opinion pieces and knowledge gleaned during his years as an agent. Really helpful stuff presented with a bit of humor on a level anyone can understand. One of my favorite recent blogs covers indie publishing and how it affects traditional publishers.

Brandy Heineman – Aspiring writer putting the finishing touches on her first novel. Blogs personal observations, opinions, favorite books, and her own infographics. I love getting lost in her words about genealogy, a special interest of mine since my mom began tracing our family history when I was ten. In addition to all this, Brandy’s just really, really clever.

Michela Walters – Avid reader and book reviewer. Reviews are always fresh, honest, and exciting. Yeah, she gave M a great review for her book (which tells me she has great taste), but it’s much more than that. She gives authors a chance to shine and breaks the news gently if that shine is tarnished. It’s not easy to find book reviewers who cushion the blow anymore.

Chuck Wendig – Author and fearless blogger. Says all the things everyone else is too afraid to say. Doesn’t leave a single stone unturned when it comes to writing, publishing, and marketing books. My most recent favorite is about author marketing, since that’s my current obsession/pet peeve.

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Author of Young Adult novels. Reside in Nashville with my husband, a gorgeous Irishman. Drink too much coffee. Online way too much.

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  1. Aww!! Thanks ladies!! :’)

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