Current Calls for Submission

Just Do It

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The pain and anguish of writing a book is topped only by the sheer torture of writing cover letters, synopses, and blurbs. Then, it’s time to submit.


Still, submitting is easier if you know the publishers in question are seeking books just like the masterpiece you just finished. To help you find these gems, we’ve rounded up a small collection of small presses who’ve announced calls for submissions within the last few weeks.

After all, your dreams won’t come to you. It’s up to you to chase them.

Entangled Publishing – Scandalous

Samhain Publishing – Gothic Horror Anthology

Noble Romance – Dare to Be Different

Harlequin Mills & Boon – Rapid Response Unit

Bloomsbury – Spark (a new imprint)

Sirens Call Publications – Flowers are Overrated

Check the due dates and start preparing! We’ll try to bring you more calls for submission as we learn of them, but this should get you off to a great start.

Good luck!

About Jen Barry

Author of Young Adult novels. Reside in Nashville with my husband, a gorgeous Irishman. Drink too much coffee. Online way too much.

One thought on “Current Calls for Submission

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