J to tha M: Trailers

The Book Kind of Trailers

medium_1369495998J:  I’m working on a book trailer. Let’s talk what we like, if they’re helpful, etc.

M:  Sure. you know a lot about them

J:  I don’t know if I know a lot about them

but I’ve seen quite a few

and I know what I do and don’t like about them

It’s like a dynamic way to read the book blurb

as the creator, you can set a tone for the book that the blurb might not completely convey

M:  I haven’t seen very many

J:  What did you like or dislike about the ones you saw?

M:  I get such vivid mental images from reading – the characters, the settings

and I’ve found trailers tend to change my perceptions

and honestly, I like what’s in my head better

I like the trailers that are more conceptual, ones that give feelings rather than images, because that’s what reading is about for me

J:  I’ve done some experimenting with them. Told full stories and just given the basic idea

I’m with you, after several attempts


ideas, moods, the blurb

I actually saw one that had “acting” in it once

(acting in quotes for a reason)

unless the trailer is for a movie, I don’t think there should be speaking parts

M:  it’s kind of a fine line

I guess depending on what purpose the trailer is to serve

I mean, so many books are turned visual, into movies

and with the obvious huge success, we do like visual interpretations of books

but that’s completely different than a trailer level, I think

J:  I think, if done right, a trailer can hit that perfect note

that visual interpretation while still leaving plenty to the imagination

M:  and it still does go to what an individual likes

some want to give visual representations of what is in their head as they write

and some readers really enjoy that anchor

and some don’t.

so it’s kind of all back to personal preference

like with us – you like to have an actual picture of the characters

and to me, it doesn’t matter. I kind of prefer not to have anything concrete

J:  Oh, I do, but it’s usually one I create in my own

head. or associate in my own head

when given the image from the author, I usually don’t agree

M:  I can never find an actor or model or photo that looks like the characters do in my head

I can get inspiration, or a type

but I don’t usually think about having an actual physical image until you bring it up


J:  when I’m writing, I like to have that concrete image so it doesn’t change throughout the book

blue eyes, curly hair, etc.

if my perception of the character changes over time, so does the description

M:  for me, once I’ve got the character, they come to complete life in my head

they’re like a real person. I see them, know them. they don’t change

and images just kind of mess with that

J:  I’m so backwards. I get to know my characters as I write them

M:  not backward, just we have different styles and methods when we write

J:  that’s why my editing process is so messy

because in the beginning, this character’s kind of an ass, but by the end, maybe he’s not so bad. But then I have to rearrange his behavior in the beginning so it makes sense

hahaha. I devolved from trailers to editing

welcome to my head, everyone. make yourselves comfy.

M:  but that’s character growth and development


and now we’ve moved on to craft

J: know what stands out to me every time we have a chat?

we’re almost always on opposite sides of the debate

M:  that’s because we’re debating

you can’t really debate if there’s only one side

or the same side

J:  true. but they’re always so successful because we’re always on opposite sides. I kind of like it.

to sum up, as with almost anything, I’m a fan of trailers to a point. Not to the point of telling the whole story

or having the thing acted out by “actors”

M:  I honestly don’t watch them much. Not the first thing i go to when I’m looking at a book

I make my interest and purchase decisions more on the blurb, word of mouth, and excerpts or samples

but I do know a lot of people really enjoy them

and I do like them when they’re done well and represent the atmosphere of the book

just like anything, I guess

J:  careful now. we might actually agree on something

M:  we tend to take the way around but generally agree on stuff

just different views

and the view today is too gorgeous to be behind a computer screen. Going for a beach walk to mull character points.


photo credit: debaird™ via photopin cc

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