J to tha M: What We’re Reading

Holiday Fluffclouds and a Little Rant

One Guess Who is on the Fluffcoud and Who is Ranting

medium_329408716M:  I realized we were talking about sports romance books last week, but as usual, I went off on a tangent

you are allowed to kick me back into line

as you well know

J:  nah

it turned out to be a really fun chat

any time I can rail on about DARK SECRETS is a fun time

I read Delphine Dryden’s latest last night – The Principle of Desire


cute cute

M:  you liked?

J:  I did

still not as good as the first, The Theory of Attraction, but I liked a lot

M:  I’ve been plowing through a few books

most are the first in series, and most I’ll put on my list to buy more eventually

I just have to at least make a dent in what I’ve got on my Kindle carousel

J:  what I read depends so much on my mood

I have a bunch of stuff I downloaded and may never get to

because I find myself in the mood for something completely different

M:  which holiday ones did you read?

J:  Maybe my favorite was the…

oh, embarrassing

I read a LOT of Christmas ones :-\


Brenda Novak’s Take Me Home for Christmas was really good

part of the Whiskey Creek series

I’ll buy more of those

didn’t matter that I hadn’t read the previous ones, either

wasn’t afraid to push some buttons

like the hero dating someone else in the middle of the story, someone the reader can’t help but like

not the typical villainess

White Lie Christmas by Christine Bell and Riley Murphy

one of those friends-to-lovers-by-way-of-fake-engagement things but done pretty well. I liked it

cute fluffy thing


Christmas at Copper Mountain I liked a lot





lots of “dark secrets” but none that made me go “oh ffs”

it was a sweet read

and then a bunch of little shorts from Entangled that were too rushed and too fluffy to even mention by name

M:  I did read Jeanette’s When It’s Right – it’s a New Year’s Eve story

I liked. very cute

J:  oh, please tell me it’s not the usual NA

M:  it was NA-ish. they are out of college

hero has a job – a good, solid one. ummm, can’t remember what she does

J:  ohthankgod

will buy tonight

M:  the beginning took me a page or two to get into, but purely technical stuff because my editing hat was still on

nothing anyone else would probably even notice

a bunch of “it” and passive stuff. but then that even went away, and I was along for the ride

I definitely recommend, esp. if you’re looking for a short holiday story

J:  I do love them

they make me feel festive

M:  back to our sports hero kick. I read a couple

one is actually the sports sub plot one I mentioned last week – the one that made me a little ranty

dare I bring up?

J:  well, I know I’m curious

M:  The book was one of Marie Force’s Fatal Series – Fatal Mistake

I’ve heard them mentioned – suspense romance genre type – popular

and overall the book really was good – writing, plot, etc.

a very obvious riff of JR Robb’s In Death series, but I love those, so sounds good

and not so obvious it was eye rolly. She’s a police detective, homicide, he’s a super rich politician. Close enough to be noticeable, but different enough I rolled with it

but the plot was about the murder of a baseball player who missed an easy out to take the home team to the World Series

great plot, right?

J:  yeah

I’d read that

M:  and here we enter into one of those things that bug me, but other people might not even notice

that happens, you know


J:  it does

M:  a lot of the conflict and tension centers around the fact the entire team, right up through management, is so pissed at the guy for missing the pop fly, they go on and on about it to outsiders. Like, totally ream him, say he deserved to die. They all sounded like raving, crazy, mob-mentality fans

and while it’s only human to think that down in the deepest part of yourself, this WOULD NEVER HAPPEN

J:  but she needed suspects

M:  and just to be sure, I asked hubs and other friends, who as you know, are actual athletes

and they were all wtf?

well, and all the crazy ranty blaming might not have been so bad, but the way the author described the game, there were other players who screwed up, too

like the pitcher, who walked the winning run

no one is mad at him?

J:  right


M:  and again, wouldn’t be so bad, but the point is hammered home again and again

and everyone goes on and on to outsiders about it

J:  she needed suspects so she made them all hate him

M:  yeah, I got that, but she could have had the same suspects without the constant hammering

I mean, from what I know of professional team athletes, when something like that happens, sure they’re pissed

but most are brooding about what they could have done better or what they did wrong to put one of their teammates in that position, where the entire game hinges on one play

that’s the team’s fault

and I still would have been okay if it was just mentioned in passing

but the entire story went on and on about it

but, I have to say, other than that, the story was pretty good

haha – I feel like that joke about Lincoln. “But other than that, Mrs. Lincoln, how did you enjoy the play?”

But if you like romantic suspense, the series would be worth checking out. this book was like the fifth in the series

and the first one of the bunch I’ve read

J:  sorry it made you ragey

M:  it’s another of those that kind of amped my reaction, because I really liked it, and then…doh!

those are so darn frustrating

the other sports one I read was a hockey hero

and I liked that one, too, just a couple of minor irritations

the Hot Ice series by Lily Harlem. I read the first one  – Hired

not bad. the hockey action scenes were pretty darn good and I liked the characters

the only pulled-me-out-of-the-story things were, one, it’s obvious the writer is English

a couple phrases here and there, mostly in dialog

but she did hit one of my big peeves in hockey romances

J:  did he cry?

M:  hahahaha – no

that would have been a oh hell no and delete off my kindle – omg, you’re going to get me worked up about that story again

heh – I’m still chuckling. that was a good one

No, this was something I’ve seen in a few hockey romances and it makes me **grr** every time

so, here’s the thing. Take note. NHL players DO NOT WEAR CAGES

unless they have a face injury, maybe

watch a game, dammit

A visor, sometimes. A cage? No. Just no

and again, if it would have only been one quick mention, I would have cringed, grimaced, growled, and moved on

but she mentioned it a number of times on a number of different players


but another story I’d recommend with stuff that probably bothers no one other than me

J:  well, fortunately, you write all the hockey stuff in our hockey romance


M: oh boy

J:  I have a hockey romance on my list to read

M:  which one?

J:  Breakaway. The Penalty Kill Trilogy is the series

oh, you have it marked to read, too

Goodreads is creepy sometimes

M:  I think you mentioned that one a while ago

that’s why I marked it as to-read

J:  it’s new adult

and probs has some dark secrets and assholery

but I’m gonna give it a shot

M:  Tattoos? Does he play in a band?

J:  probably

all of the above

M:  I read a NA one, another start of a series. It was okay/pretty good. I liked the voice and the writing

1st person and changed POV just about every chapter, which I usually find annoying

Not much real plot or conflict, or a lot of character development, tbh

but despite all that, I read it all the way through and am interested in reading the series

I get the feeling this one might be the set up for the others. maybe they have more development

JA Huss – Tragic. The Rook and Ronin series

I know nothing about modeling or photography, but I kept reading

J:  you kind of made it sound terrible. heh

M:  It wasn’t, though. One of those I don’t know why I liked it, but I did

J:  no plot

wandering POV

no character development

M:  I know. I was about halfway through and was like, wait. where’s the conflict? where is this going? why do I care?

and then, shrug, and kept reading

J:  that’s almost a talent in itself

to write a whole book without those vital things and make people still want to read it

M:  it was the voice, I think. did pull me in

J:  I’m amused

M:  and dark secrets without being DARK SECRETS!

borderline, but I was okay with it

and if you’re into historicals, I read the first in the Devil DeVere series by Victoria Vane

A Wild Night’s Bride

insta love and marriage between a noble and an actress, which would be totally impossible, but there you go

I enjoyed. A fun romp

J:  have to be in the mood for historicals

haven’t been in a while

M:  it was cute. not very long

J:  how historic?

M:  Dunno. Honestly, I never pay attention to the period – I know, I know. Historical lovers would probably throw tomatoes at me

um, maybe Regency or Victorian?

oh, wait, it has Prince George in it

if they go to balls, wear big dresses, and ride in carriages, to me, it’s historical.


J:  fair enough

M:  when you say fair enough that usually means “get off the crazy train, M”

J:  nope

that’s not always what I mean

in this case, I mean, that’s all I’d know about historical

M:  haha – not always. You’re a funny guy (sorry, Goodfellas reference)

not “always” what you mean

love you

J:  heh

love you, too

M:  Taking a swan dive off the fluffcloud


photo credit: Mollivan Jon via photopin cc

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