What’s That Noise?

Open forum for opinions, suggestions, lessons, reviews covering any and all aspects of publishing, writing, singing, dancing, yelling, screaming, exhorting, promoting, creating, sobbing, headdesking, cheering.

Got something you want to talk about? Read or heard something amazing and want to gush all over? Something bleh that triggered a pet peeve? Wrote something you want to promote? A topic you want to debate?

Let’s hear it. But see “I Run This Land, You Understand” for the rules first – yeah, yeah, we gotta have ’em. We don’t like mean people, just passionate ones.

Hit us up under “So Whatcha Want” to schedule a guest post, review, or interview.

microphone burn

4 thoughts on “What’s That Noise?

  1. Love your new blog, love the idea, glad you’re doing it. Only one suggestion — for us older folks with older eyes, that dark blue text on a black back background is really, really hard to see. I just had to say it.
    Other than that, very cool!

  2. Oh, yes! That’s SO much easier to read. Excellent. Thank you!

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