Guest Blogger Request

We want to hear from you. Everyone else does, too. If you’ve got an opinion, review, advice, funny (or not so much) story to tell about anything in the writing world—self-publishing vs. the Big Six/Five, marketing, editing styles, grammar and spelling, legal issues, plagiarism, something we haven’t thought of—drop us a line. We’ll give you a platform where you can shout it to the world. We just ask that you check out the rules (I Run This Land, You Understand) and make sure your submission abides. We reserve the right to edit or refuse a posting if you choose not to comply. If you can behave, send us an email with your proposed topic. If we’ve got room for it, we’ll respond with a posting date and further instructions.

REMEMBER: You’re responsible for your content. None of the blogs posted will necessarily reflect the opinions of the blogmistresses, but YOUR name will be attached to your content. Make peace with your words before you send them.

Once your post goes live, you’ll be added to the Dropping Names page, where we’ll promote your books, website, blog, or stand-up career. Your choice. Our pleasure.


Make Some Noise


4 thoughts on “Guest Blogger Request

  1. Margaret Taylor says:

    I’d love to guest for you ladies! Anytime you have a free spot, holla at me! I’ll come promote Prophecy of Love or the lovely Megan Salanski, AKA the Mistress of the Electric Black Hole!

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