J to tha M: What We’re Reading (Still)

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M: so, I have a couple fluffcloud stories for you to try

two that are free Honeymoon for One and The Princess Problem

they were cute

and another I’d be interested to see what you think – She’s Got Dibs

it’s a beta hero

J: oooooh

I bought another Delphine Dryden last night, the second in the Science of Temptation series

with a beta hero – The Seduction Hypothesis

And the Lila Dubois that was reviewed on Saturday – Undone Rebel

M: you’ll have to tell me if you like the other Dryden. I’ve read the first and second in the Undone Dom series and really enjoyed

J: I like both of Dryden’s. A lot


and I really liked Undone Rebel.

I love the beta heroes. I checked out She’s Got Dibs

if the heroine doesn’t get a clue soon…

the hero is a doll

and I want to keep reading for him

she decided to just be friends

and I was facepalming

M: I like the first few chaps I’ve read, but yeah. I agree

J: I just think the heroine is being a dumbass

I wanna kick her

M: I’m worried about all the pushing him away going on for another 300 pages

argh. I die

and not in a good way

stupidass girl

J: yes


because he’s adorable




M: sexy

J: but mostly sweet

M: good to her

J: wtf

M: I knoooow

shut up, stupidgirl

J: k, i’m getting a little irritated with her again

M: just jump his ass

J: hahaha

M: well, you do love your beta geek heroes, so definitely let me know what you think when you finish

J: I’ll read it all

just downloaded the free reads

M: I’ve been having a streak of luck with the freebie ones – almost all self-pubbed

read a couple stinkers, but for the most part, they’ve been pretty good reads overall

maybe I just know more what to look for and what to avoid

J: the blurbs say a lot

I read a blurb last night that made me LOL

for real


M: yeah, and I do skim through the reviews and read samples if they have them – that really helps

I just started a short with a rock star and curvy girl waitress

shows some promise – I’ll let you know

I’ve read a few blurbs that just make me shake my head

but that’s good, I guess. You know not to waste any more time

J: I wanted to share this one with you

but apparently I was so traumatized that I put it out of my head completely

M: haha – that’s not good

J: It was so ridiculous

it must be read

M: Like the ones where they put an excerpt in the blurb area on Amazon and it’s O.O

Thank you, next

J: oh, I finished Beyond Shame

I thought it was good. I’d read the second

M: I really liked that one

better than the first

J: took me some time to get into the dystopian

M: yeah, she kind of jumped right into the different world

I would have enjoyed a little more background worked throughout

I rec the second in the Undone Lovers series (Undone Dom, maybe?) and the second in the Beyond series

Interested in one or both?

J: yes. going to order